About Us

“The importance of a photograph remains in catching a moment in life that whispers an experience to be share so it will last lifetime”


Jaime Varon®


Jaime Varon® specializes in producing high-quality photography and will always ensure that your creative needs are captured and met. We provide a personal, honest and down to earth service. We are not just a photographer, but we make a personal connection with every one of our clients and develop team-work, achieving long-term and win-win relationships.

Jaime Varon® is part of Pixart Group created since 1988, with a wide expertise in the segment of communication experience.

Currently made up of:

  • Pixart®: Dedicated to the photographic production, video and image development that generate experiences for companies.
  • JVH Studio®: Dedicated to the production and development photographic images that create experiences for the public.
  • Digisys®: Dedicated to providing services and digital versatile business solutions.
  • Jaime Varón®: Dedicated to the production and development fine art photography for decoration.

In Pixart Group we understand how important it is to invest in image and technology, keep updated and develop products and services adapted to the needs of each of our clients.

We also have everything you need to develop and produce your project, with more than 27 years experience behind us.

That creative image you’re looking for is here waiting for you. We do not take photos, we make unique experiences.

We made photographs for national and international brands such as Bimbo, Marinela, Vanity, WonderBra, CocaCola, Pepsi, Coty, Petalo, Regio, Prodigy, Alpura, Nestle, La Costeña, Playtex, Telmex, Clarion, Revlon, L’oreal, RCI, Best Western, Club Regina, among many others.


(JVH) Jaime Varon Halabe


Jaime Varon Halabe, CEO in Jaime Varon®, is a pioneer creating digital photography and digital images in Mexico since 1988 when he founded Pixart® achieving international awards.

His link with the camera, and a peculiar visual and creative nature, led him to the professional field in the development of digital photographic images, with an always helping others principle from the very beginning of his career.

Expanding its cultural, educational and values over time and in different methods, widen his vision as a human being and service is one of his main features.

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